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Scleral Contact Lenses: The Solution for Dry Eyes

Welcome to Complete Eye Care, where we provide top-quality eye care services to our patients. We understand that dry eyes can be frustrating and uncomfortable, which is why we offer scleral contact lenses as a solution.

Our optometrists are highly experienced in fitting scleral contact lenses for patients with dry eyes.

Why Scleral Contact Lenses are a Gamechanger for Dry Eyes

Scleral contact lenses are a revolutionary solution for those suffering from dry eyes. Unlike traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses span the entire diameter of the cornea and rest on the white part of the eye, known as the sclera. This design creates a reservoir of tears between the lens and the cornea, which can help alleviate discomfort and irritation caused by dry eyes.

Custom-Fit Scleral Lenses for Optimal Comfort

At Complete Eye Care, we understand that each patient has unique needs when it comes to contact lenses. That’s why our team of experienced optometrists will work closely with you to ensure a custom fit that maximizes comfort and visual acuity.

During your scleral contact lens fitting, we will assess the shape and size of your eyes to determine the appropriate lens diameter and curvature. We will also evaluate the amount of tear film present on the surface of your eyes and may recommend additional treatments, such as artificial tears or prescription medications, to help manage your dry eye symptoms.

What kinds of advantages should dry eye sufferers expect when they start wearing Sclerals?

A dry eye sufferer will notice right away that when wearing scleral lenses, their eye does not feel so uncomfortable. They will not be so aware of their eyes. There should be less tearing and burning as well as irritation when around any air vents or wind.

What is the success rate with Sclerals for people with dry eyes?

The success rate for scleral lenses for dry eyes would be in the high 90s. Most people do very well with scleral for dry eyes. They are able to tolerate air currents better from wind, fans, air vents in the car, etc.

Are Sclerals better than dailies for dry eyes?

Daily contact lenses are better for dry eye than lenses that work longer but they are not custom fit like scleral lenses are. They do not vault over the cornea like scleral lenses do.

Soft lenses lay directly on the cornea and can dry the cornea out. This is especially true when exposed to certain environments such as wind, air vents, etc.

Sclerals have the advantage of the artificial solution in the bowl of the lens to gently bathe the cornea all day in a nice refreshing solution and it also vaults the cornea so nothing touches the cornea. This keeps the eye comfortable all day while wearing scleral lenses.

Benefits of Using Scleral Lenses for Dry Eye

  • Provide a cushion of tears that can alleviate discomfort and irritation caused by dry eyes.
  • Custom-fit design ensures maximum comfort and visual acuity.
  • Large diameter and unique design make them less likely to fall out or shift during wear.
  • Can improve vision for those with irregularly shaped corneas due to conditions such as keratoconus.
  • They offer a viable solution for those who cannot wear traditional contact lenses due to discomfort or dryness.
  • Can reduce the need for artificial tears or other treatments for dry eyes.
  • Long-lasting wear time without discomfort or irritation.

Get Relief from Dry Eyes Today – Book a Consultation

Don’t suffer from the discomfort of dry eyes any longer. We offer top-quality eye care services, including scleral contact lenses, to provide relief for our patients.

If you are struggling with dry eyes and traditional contact lenses have not provided relief, book a consultation with one of our optometrists today. Let us help you achieve optimal eye health and comfort.