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Find Out What Our Patients Are Saying About Scleral Lenses

Our patients say it best

At Complete Eye Care, our dedicated optometric team is delighted to witness the genuine happiness and excitement on our patients’ faces as they experience the incredible transformation brought about by scleral contact lenses.

It’s not just about business for us; it’s about seeing the positive impact these lenses have on individuals dealing with conditions such as keratoconus, severe astigmatism, or persistent dry eyes. Once you try scleral lenses, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t discover them sooner.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our patients who have graciously shared their personal and emotional stories, helping us spread the word about scleral contact lenses.

Our services attract patients from various locations, including Belmont, Gaston County, Charlotte, and Lake Wylie SC. So, are you curious to find out what they have to say? Let us share their authentic feedback with you.

Read more about Maurice's story

Maurice is from Charlotte, NC and was recently in our office picking up his new scleral lenses. He has been wearing scleral lenses since coming to Complete Eye Care due to his extremely high nearsightedness. In the past, Tiger had to wear hard lenses known as “RGP” or Rigid Gas Permeable contacts, but when he saw Dr. Marcussen for an eye exam, she fit him in scleral lenses.

Read more about Robert's story

Robert is from Gaston County and was in our office recently to pick up his scleral lenses. He has keratoconus and had a corneal transplant so it is critical that his contacts fit well. Robert wanted something that was comfortable and provided clear vision. He found the solution with scleral contacts. Robert now has clear vison all day and has maintained good eye health due to the special way scleral lenses are fit and evaluated.

Read more about Stephanie's story

Stephanie is from Charlotte, NC and was in recently to pick up her new sclerals. She has keratoconus and had to have a corneal transplant in her left eye as a result. Both keratoconus and corneal transplants cause decreased vision with glasses.

Hard contacts are required to see clearly, however they can’t be worn once a corneal transplant is done. Stephanie was excited to hear about scleral contacts lenses as an option! She found out she could correct her vision even after a corneal transplant and that they were also safe to wear. Since scleral contacts vault over the corneal they are extremely safe to wear even with corneal transplants or keratoconus.

Read more about Stephanie Ryan's story

Stephanie is from Mt. Holly, NC and she had Lasik surgery to correct her nearsightedness. A few years after her Lasik surgery, she noticed she could not see as well and went to the doctor for glasses. Stephanie reported being told she had cornea ectasia which is an unfortunate outcome of Lasik surgery for some people.

This result happens when too much corneal tissue is removed during Lasik and the resulting cornea is too thin. This allows the cornea to bulge up during normal eye pressure. This budging up of the cornea is similar to keratoconus because it causes irregular astigmatism which cannot be corrected by glasses. Only certain contacts such as scleral contacts can restore normal sight to an eye with corneal ectasia due to Lasik surgery.

Read more about Tanner's story

Tanner is from McAdenville, NC and came to us for a regular routine eye exam and was found to have 20/400 vision in one eye and 20/100 vision in the other. He was not able to see clearly to drive to work and even had to use Uber at night because he could not see clearly. Tanner was fit in scleral contacts to correct for his keratoconus and now he sees 20/20. The smile on Tanner’s face when he first put in his scleral contacts was awesome! 

This Patient Was So Emotional About His Scleral Lenses That He asked Us Not To Show Video Footage

Tracy talk about her improved comfort and vision with Scleral contact lenses she most definitely recommends them