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Watch Our Patient Reviews!

Chris shares about his 5 years with GVSS contacts

She loves her OrthoK GVSS especially for sports

5+ years wearing GVSS Orthokeratology contacts

My Fox Carolina learns more about Complete Eye Care’s GVSS treatment

Jeff recommends GVSS contacts to absolutely everyone

Dr. Marcussen discusses the benefits of Ortho-k with a patient.

Donna was almost blind, hear how GVSS vision therapy helped her!

Maddy Shares with us her GVSS Experience

Keegan tells us how GVSS changed her vision in less than two weeks!

Kelly’s contacts irritated her eyes, but not with GVSS

Denise loves her GVSS so much that she’s singing about it.

Lena is a new patient receiving GVSS treatment and tell us how it’s going

At 17 she has been wearing GVSS OrthoK lenses since 4th grade

Emily updates on how GVSS treatments changes her life

Check out what our patients have to say about our GVSS therapy system. For more videos click here to check out our YouTube channel.