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Syn Studio’s New Fundamentals Bootcamp

We are really happy and excited to announce that we are introducing a new Fundamentals Bootcamp program, available for selection for the Fall 2023 Term and beyond.

Teacher Artwork by Nino Vecia

What is the Fundamentals Bootcamp?

Our Fundamentals Bootcamp is a structured program comprising of a focused set of classes that are optimally grouped to help beginners, who are starting their artistic journey, learn and strengthen their fundamental art skills.

Far too often, beginner artists, who dream of becoming a top concept artist, traditional artist or an illustrator, avoid practicing important fundamental skills such as perspective and anatomy, either because it is too hard, or because they feel its a waste of time, or worse, because they find it boring. Shortcuts are great but skipping these fundamental skills lessons early in their artistic training will deprive the students of the solid art foundation that is essential to build when they work on more complex projects in the future and wish to build a successful career.

Student Artwork by David Ponguta

The classes in the program are organized and scheduled to help the students learn key theoretical concepts and practices that will build on each other from one term to the next. Syn Studio’s great roster of industry experienced instructors, who prioritize our students growth and success over everything else, will make the process of strengthening art fundamentals, an easy, fun and memorable experience!

The concepts learnt in this program will help a beginner student become a more well rounded artist ready to tackle any complex art project in the future. In addition, by completing this program, students will also have built the skills required to create a portfolio that can be used to apply for our Online Concept Art Program!

Teacher Artwork by Amirhossein Yaghoobi

Fundamentals Bootcamp Program Features

Our Fundamentals Bootcamp is divided into terms. Each term features 4 courses scheduled over a period of 10 weeks. Students interested in attending the Bootcamp are recommended to attend all the classes to ensure optimal progression in their learning process. Fundamentals Bootcamps can be purchased separately (Part 1 or Part 2) or together (Part 1 and Part 2) for additional savings. It is advised that the students take these terms consecutively for best results.

While we suggest following the classes in both Part 1 and Part 2, if the student has already developed sufficient skills in the topics covered in Part 1, they can choose to follow just Part 2 on its own, skipping Part 1. However, in this case, the student will be required to submit examples of their artwork once registered.

Students registered in the Fundamentals Bootcamp will also receive the following perks (each term):

  1. A discounted price on each class in the term
  2. Free access to exclusive online resource library
  3. A free spot in the term’s featured Webinar or Q&A session with a renowned artist and
  4. A free spot in the one-on-one portfolio review with a professional concept artist scheduled for the term

Teacher Artwork by Dmitry Sorokin

Fundamentals Bootcamp – Part 1

Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 1 focuses on honing the student’s basic art skills such as drawing from observation, understanding light and shadow, perspective, human anatomy as well as an introduction to digital art.

Classes included in Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 1 are:

  1. Analytical Sketching
  2. Drawing the Human Form
  3. Fundamentals of Perspective
  4. Intro to Digital Painting

Students who wish to enroll in Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 1 are required to have taken our Level 0 Foundations of Drawing course or possess equivalent experience. They will be required to submit examples of artwork after registration.

Learn More About the Program Here: https://synstudio.ca/fundamentals-bootcamp/

Student Artwork by Aniket Jana

Fundamentals Bootcamp – Part 2

Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 2 will build on the skills learnt in the first part by teaching you additional techniques in both digital and traditional art that will strengthen your fundamental skills and make you a more rounded artist.

Classes included in Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 2 are:

  1. Constructive Figure Drawing
  2. Digital Painting
  3. Digital Sketching for Production
  4. Dynamic Drawing

Learn More About the Program Here: https://synstudio.ca/fundamentals-bootcamp/

Teacher Artwork by Robert Christian De Massy

What if I don’t want to take 4 specified classes during a term in the Fundamentals Bootcamp?

Unfortunately that will not be possible. Students enrolling in the Fundamentals Bootcamp will have to attend all of these 4 specific classes in each term. You cannot swap the listed classes in either term with a class of your choice. If you do not wish to attend the Fundamentals Bootcamp, you have the option of building your own curriculum with 3,4 or 5 classes together from our website. You will automatically receive a 5, 10 or 15% discount on your purchase and a free spot in the webinar scheduled for this term.

Pricing and Registration

With the Fundamentals Bootcamp, since you will be taking 4 classes, we are offering you a unique pricing where you will save on each class!

Pricing Details:

  1. Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 1 Pricing – $1,125 USD (save up to $271!)
  2. Fundamentals Bootcamp Part 2 Pricing – $1,205 USD (save up to $271!)
  3. Fundamentals Bootcamp Parts 1 and 2 Combined Pricing – $2,299 USD (save up to $573!)

Please note that the savings listed above are calculated based on regular class prices!

By taking Part 1 or Part 2 alone, students will save up to $271 USD for the 4 classes. If both Part 1 and Part 2 are purchased, the terms must be taken consecutively and the students will save up to $573 USD!

In addition, students get extra perks such as access to our online resource library, our reference image bank and brushpack. Students will also receive a one-on-one portfolio review with a professional concept artist as well as a free ticket to the webinar of the term in which you have enrolled.

Click Here to Learn More about the Program and Enroll: https://synstudio.ca/fundamentals-bootcamp/

If you have any questions about the Fundamentals Bootcamp Program, please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected].

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Happy Learning!


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