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Computer Use, Dry Eyes, And Eyestrain, Oh My!

What is computer vision syndrome, and how can we help you address it? Find out more here!

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How Do Menopause and Hormones Affect My Eyes?

How do menopause and other hormone changes affect a woman’s eyes, and how does our eye care team address related eye and vision issues? Read more here to find out.

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Mites On Your Eyelashes: What They Are and How They Affect You

Almost every person has tiny bugs called Demodex mites living inside the pores of their face, especially in and around the eyelashes. Learn about these microscopic mites, and how they can affect you.

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Why Is My Eye Twitching?

If you experience frequent eyelid twitches, you may be experiencing a common condition called dry eye syndrome (DES). What is DES, and how can it trigger eyelid twitching?

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Home Remedies For Dry Eye

If your eyes burn, itch or feel gritty, you may have dry eye syndrome. This is typically caused by a low production of tears or low-quality tears. Many substances and situations can cause dry eyes, such as the medication you’re taking, the time spent staring at your phone or computer...
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Why Do My Eyes Burn?

Do you routinely feel a burning sensation in your eyes that takes a while to go away? Read on to learn what may be causing the burning, and how we can help treat it.

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