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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Current Glaucoma Treatment Options

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma affects between 3 and 4 million Americans and is the number two cause of preventable blindness worldwide. About 50% of patients with glaucoma are currently undiagnosed. It is sobering to think about how many of you reading this article right now currently have...

What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?

An individual's eyes can reveal a lot about them, including their mood, feelings, and even emotions. By simply looking at them, eyes can convey a warm, bright, and inviting vibe as well as a cold and repellent one – they are the window to a person’s soul. The Iris: What...

 Potential Alcohol Effects on Vision & Eye Health

While we all know that drinking alcohol can harm our bodies, what does it do specifically to our eyes? Short-term exposure to alcohol can alter vision, but what about repeated exposure to alcohol? Are there any permanent effects that you need to worry about? People who consider themselves to be "social drinkers"...

How Can Alcohol Affect My Vision and Eye Health?

It’s widely known that overindulgence in alcohol can lead to many problems throughout the body, including your eyes. So, what are these effects, and how much do you have to drink to experience them?

You’re Never Too Old to Try Contacts!

Are you one of those people who tried contacts in the past, but had no luck? Perhaps you found them dry and uncomfortable, or your allergies made them impossible to wear?  Maybe you were unable to see as clearly compared to your glasses, or you never needed glasses but now...

Cosmetic Procedures & Blurry Vision

Cosmetic procedures have been prominent for both women and men for years. While the popularity of certain procedures tends to decrease and incline in waves, temporary facial “improvements” like Botox injections have become and remain one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The popularity is thanks to its noninvasiveness, and...

Why Aren’t The Whites Of My Eyes White?

Changes in the white part of your eye, called the sclera, are often noticeable at first glance. But what do changes in the color of your sclera mean, and when is it something serious?

Computer Use, Dry Eyes, And Eyestrain, Oh My!

What is computer vision syndrome, and how can we help you address it? Find out more here!

How Do Menopause and Hormones Affect My Eyes?

How do menopause and other hormone changes affect a woman’s eyes, and how does our eye care team address related eye and vision issues? Read more here to find out.

Tips For Wearing Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are becoming increasingly popular among those with corneal problems and dry eye syndrome—and for good reason! Here are our top 5 tips for anyone who wears scleral lenses.

Can I Wear Contacts If I Have Astigmatism?

People with astigmatism may wonder whether they can wear contact lenses. They absolutely can! The two main contact lens choices for astigmatism are scleral lenses and toric lenses. Read on to learn more and discover how we can help.

Mites On Your Eyelashes: What They Are and How They Affect You

Almost every person has tiny bugs called Demodex mites living inside the pores of their face, especially in and around the eyelashes. Learn about these microscopic mites, and how they can affect you.

Why Is My Eye Twitching?

If you experience frequent eyelid twitches, you may be experiencing a common condition called dry eye syndrome (DES). What is DES, and how can it trigger eyelid twitching?

Did You Know That 20% of People Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

An estimated 1 in every 5 people sleeps with their eyes open! This happens as a result of a surprisingly common condition called nocturnal lagophthalmos. Find out what causes this condition, and how it’s addressed.


All About Your Tears

Tears are an important part of allowing us to see both clearly and comfortably. So, what are tears made of, and how do they help you in your everyday life?

Why You Shouldn’t Rub Your Eyes

We all instinctively rub our eyes, whether we're tired, our eyes are itchy or when something gets stuck in them. However, did you know that doing so poses a threat to your eye health and can potentially lead you to contract COVID-19? Read on to learn why eye doctors instruct people to avoid rubbing their eyes.

Home Remedies For Dry Eye

If your eyes burn, itch or feel gritty, you may have dry eye syndrome. This is typically caused by a low production of tears or low-quality tears. Many substances and situations can cause dry eyes, such as the medication you’re taking, the time spent staring at your phone or computer...

How Does The Shape of My Eyeball Affect My Vision?

The shape of your eye can have a significant impact on the way you see the world around you. Read on to learn more about how your eye's shape impacts vision.

What’s Worse For Your Vision: High Myopia (Nearsightedness) or Smoking?

Though many wouldn’t place “smoking” and “myopia” in the same sentence, the harmful effects they have on vision are comparable, as children with rapidly progressing myopia have a similar risk of developing eye disease later in life as smokers do.

Your Eyes and Vision Following A Corneal Transplant

If you have a damaged cornea, a corneal transplant may help you see clearly again. Find out what to expect, and how to see your best following your procedure.

Why Do My Eyes Burn?

Do you routinely feel a burning sensation in your eyes that takes a while to go away? Read on to learn what may be causing the burning, and how we can help treat it.

Gritty Eyes

  Gritty Eyes You know that gritty feeling in the eye when it feels like something’s in it or it just feels rough and scratchy? It’s not just your imagination, there are some sound medical reasons behind this feeling. If you have gritty eyes, contact The Practice Name Dry Eye...

Computer Use Causes Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common condition for many people and the number of people suffering from dry eyes is continuing to rise.  One reason dry eyes are on the rise is the number of hours people spend on computers, iPads, cell phones, and other electronic devices.  There have been studies...

Decorative Contact Lenses: Is fashion really worth the pain?

We’ve all seen the funky, cool contact lenses that you can buy throughout the year, especially around Halloween.  That cat-eye contact would match your kitty costume perfect! Want to have blue eyes for the day?  How easy it is to pick up a cheap pair of lenses and pop them...

Improve Your Eyesight Overnight With GVSS

Looking for a non-invasive way to see clearly without needing glasses or contact lenses? Looking for a way to stop your child’s nearsightedness from getting worse? Try the Gentle Vision Shaping System.

Can Simple Eye Exercises Really Improve the Health of Your Eyes?

Many studies have been conducted to find out if eye exercises can improve your physical vision, making it possible to see again without glasses or contact lenses. However, these studies have disproved this myth. Though your eye muscles can be strengthened, your vision will not be improved enough to lose...